Choosing the Best Makeup Vanity with Lights

Are you a stage performer or a person who receives frequent invitations to events and parties? Aside from your collection of makeup and wardrobe, you should also have your very own makeup vanity with lights. Vanity tables and cabinets are sets of furniture and equipment used when grooming.



Majority of the sets you can see on the market include mirrors, tables or countertops, lights, and some have complementary chairs and drawers. In public places, vanity corners are usually located in restrooms. They are also found on hotel rooms, theaters and schools.

The different types of makeup vanities

  • Plain vanity mirrors. If budget is a concern, the most basic makeup vanity piece you could have are the vanity mirrors. But instead of just plain mirrors, they usually feature a frame or a stand and a small tray at the bottom to hold your essential grooming tools.


  • Vanity tables. Vanity tables are the original set used for centuries now. Even the Elizabethan or Victorian designs of these tables are preserved and still popular until today. If you are planning to furnish your room with a vanity set, the table types would be the perfect bedroom makeup vanity with lights. The set usually includes the main table with drawers, a mirror, complementary seats and vanity lights.
  • Vanity cabinets. The largest and most elegant vanity set you could acquire are the cabinet types. These are full size cabinets which resembles an armoire. But instead of a hollow centerpiece, they are equipped with a large mirror. They have complementary seats, several storages compartments, and may or may not have vanity lights.
  • Portable makeup vanity with lights. Do you need a vanity kit which you can take anywhere? Then choose the portable vanity makeup kit. It is often called as the train case since you can assemble and disassemble it into a small case.
  • Professional makeup vanity kit. These are the on-the-go vanity kits of professional makeup artists including movie actors and actresses. It is similar to a portable makeup vanity but is only larger and packed with extra features.



How to choose the best vanity makeup table with lights

  • Choose according to your purpose. Assess your need for a vanity kit or table. Do you need it in your house or room? Do you need a portable one or a larger one?
  • Ensure correct and proper lighting. A crucial element for makeup vanity with lights is the lighting itself. Experts suggest that you choose vanity lighting which has a high color rendering index or CRI. This is to ensure that what you see in the mirror is as natural as possible. Avoid using fluorescent and instead, make use of multiple bulbs. If sunlight is adequate in your room or area where the vanity set shall be placed, you must take advantage of the natural light.
  • Luxury and comfort. Of course, aside from satisfying your grooming needs, you also want a makeup vanity table with lights that is elegant and presentable. That it lets you feel great and comfortable when used.



No more waiting

Now you don’t have to wait in line for the vanity mirror in public restrooms because you can buy and install your very own makeup vanity with lights right in your bedroom.