Choosing your Makeup Vanity

Most women would need a space to do hair and makeup. Putting on makeup is not that an easy task as it needs precision. After all, no woman would want to look like a clown going to work. Taking this into consideration, giving space in your bedroom for makeup vanity is a practical thing to do since you would have to spend most of your mornings facing a mirror and doing your hair and makeup.

makeup vanity for bedroom

Factors when Designing Makeup Vanity

There are three things that you should consider when putting up and designing a makeup vanity for bedroom.

Comfort: You could spend hours making your hair look right and your makeup close to perfect. So it is a must to consider your comfort while prepping yourself. Consider the height of your makeup table when you put up a chair. It should be easy to fit your legs under your vanity table just in case you need to have a closer look of your face in the mirror. Choose a chair that stain resistant to retain its beauty all through the years and for easy clean up. You’ll never know when a lipstick stains the fabric of your chair. You can opt for faux leather vinyl or mirrored furniture. It is easy to wipe stains from this type of fabric.
makeup vanity set white

Storage: A woman will most likely not get contented with just one shade of lipstick. What more of blush-on, eyeliner, mascaras and many other beauty products. It is wise to invest in a jewelry and makeup vanity with lots of storage spaces. You can also opt for the ones with cabinet doors to secure your jewelries as like bathroom cabinets. Do not buy a small table without any storage drawers or cabinet because adding organizers on top of the table would just cramp your space. Besides having drawers with locks on them secure your belongings and expensive vanity kits.
makeup vanity

Lighting: It would almost be impossible to put on some makeup in a dark room. Good lighting is essential so that you will be able to see the effects and the results of the makeup you put on your face. Painting your makeup vanity set white is a good choice, as it would make your area bright. If you are lucky enough to put your vanity table near a window, make sure to position your table in front of the window so that natural light will shine to your face. Thus it is easier for you to put on your makeup without needing of an artificial lighting. However, if you need to put lighting in your table, install two lamps on both the sides of your mirror.
jewelry and makeup vanity

With these three factors in mind, you sure will have the most functional makeup vanity you could ever wish for. It is up to you to choose what designs you want your vanity table to have. Most furniture shops will give you vast choices of designs such as leopard print vanity, pink vanity or even those with contemporary designs. Be wise in choosing your makeup vanity.