Progress Lighting: Ensuring You Can Really See

Progress lighting can provide the various types of lighting fixtures you need to ensure your vanity is properly lit. Your vanity requires more than a hanging fixture or close-to-ceiling light. A wonderful chandelier may be just the stylistic and decorative touch you want and it will probably look fantastic, but you’ll also require fixtures mounted close to your mirrors in order to facilitate the putting on of makeup, shaving, skin care, and other such activities.


Light in the Vanity

The vanity is the area of the bath where the focus is on you, and specifically, on your face. Poor or nonexistent lighting only frustrates attempts to use mirrors and perform basic tasks. Without the correct lighting, you’re constantly attempting to get closer to your vanity mirror, which puts you in an awkward position, making it difficult to perform the simplest of tasks.
This is especially true when it comes to putting on makeup. You require a makeup vanity with lights that are properly positioned. In order to see your face from every angle and in detail, you’ll need lights above and on each side of the mirror.

The Solution: Progress Lighting

Progress lighting fixtures can provide you with the right light and, at the same time, quality fixtures that define and fit the décor of your bath. Wall-mounted vanity fixtures come in a vast variety of styles and all are made of quality progress lighting parts, guaranteeing trouble-free performance.
How many fixtures you’ll utilize will be determined by how large your mirrors are. Most often, people position one fixture on either side of their vanity mirror and then one or two above. However a large mirror surface may require more fixtures, while vanities that feature two matching mirrors will call for a specialized solution, depending on various factors, including the size of each mirror and the distance between the mirrors.

Style, Look and Feel

Perhaps you’re interested in brass highlights, a polished chrome look, or subdued but elegant pewter? Along with providing ample illumination, a progress lighting fixture will help create and reinforce the style, look, and feel of your bath. They will, in essence, be a major part of its atmosphere.
Another thing to consider is lighting control. Do you want to be able to set the intensity of your vanity lighting by using a dimmer switch, or do you simply want a toggle switch with an on and an off position? The dimmer allows for more choices in terms of creating atmosphere and even regarding energy use.
No matter what the look of your bath may be, sleek, modern, contemporary; diversified fusion; classic elegance; or retro, a progress lighting outlet will be able to help you find the right fit for your vanity.


Everyday Light
Your vanity requires refined light that’s used everyday and just about anytime of the day. Often activities occur around bathroom mirrors when little to no natural light is available, early morning and evening. Progress lighting offers fixtures specifically designed to meet your needs for close work in your vanity mirror any time of the day or night.